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‘Cities have turned into a continual evolutionary process of evacuations, demolitions, removals, temporary vacant lots and installations.’ [Buckminster Fuller]

As part of the London Festival of Architecture 2010 architecture students from the Welsh School of Architecture will be building ‘Nomadic Allotments’ for Borough Market and the Banskside area.

The final allotment structures designed by the students will be constructed from reclaimed materials such as pallets and packaging provided onsite by Borough Market. The allotment structures will offer a variety of growing, eating and seating areas for market-goers, local visitors and residents alike.

The structures will be built at Borough Market between 28th May and 2nd June 2010 by Cardiff University architecture students and volunteers.

The allotments will be officially launched on the 4th July 2010 as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2010 providing the focus for Borough Market’s pop up Food Exchange.

Following the Festival local residents and the Bankside Community will have access to invaluable growing space in an area that currently has very little green space. The allotments will also act as an educational tool for local school children.

This project is delivered in collaboration between Borough Market, The Welsh School of Architecture, Rachael Davidson and Dr. Cristian Suau.

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